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Welcome to Joreli Health Services!

We are a dedicated company driven by the mission to enhance the quality of care and delivery of services in nursing homes. Our goal is to streamline and centralize key processes, ultimately creating a more efficient workforce and ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.


At Joreli Health Services, we understand the challenges faced by nursing homes in providing optimal care while managing various administrative tasks. That's why we have developed a range of services specifically designed to support and empower nursing homes in delivering exceptional care to their residents.

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Our Team at Joreli Health Services is driven by a shared vision of enhancing the quality of care and delivery of services in nursing homes. With expertise and passion for nursing home care, we understand the unique challenges faced by the industry and are committed to streamlining processes and ensuring customer satisfaction. Through collaboration and a focus on driving efficiency, we optimize nursing home operations, empower staff, and prioritize customer satisfaction. With a continuous learning mindset, we stay ahead of industry trends and bring innovative solutions to our clients. Join us on our transformative journey to enhance nursing home care and create a more efficient and compassionate environment. Partner with Joreli Health Services and experience excellence in nursing home care.



Chief Executive Officer

Amie is a highly experienced and licensed Nursing Home Administrator with a remarkable career spanning 15 years. Throughout her professional journey, she has held diverse positions, ranging from Front-line roles to Executive Director, culminating in her recent role as the Vice President of Operations. With an extensive background in the industry, Amie possesses deep insights into the opportunities that exist within the healthcare sector.

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